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Why use Fuel @ Site?

There are many businesses that choose to use Fuel @ Site Usually, these businesses are concerned about safety and environment issues, difficulties refueling, fuel contamination, theft and vandalism, administration and efficient utilization of staff.

Increase Productivity Your equipment can be refueled after regular hours or when not in use, resulting in increased productivity. You do not need to wait around while refueling takes place and therefore you don’t need to take your equipment to fuelling points, Fuel @ Site vehicle comes to you, almost anywhere you are.

Advantages It is inconvenient and unproductive to move equipment to bulk fuel storage or send staff to pick up fuel. These activities all add to the total expense of your business.

Improve Control and Administration Relying on drivers and operators to provide fuel consumption details can be challenging. It is not unusual for fuel receipts to be lost, making it difficult for your administration staff. It can become very costly trying to track down or verify receipts. In addition, Fuel @ Site can help decrease fuel theft and credit card abuse.

Prompt Delivery We understand the costs associated with downtime of equipment waiting to be refueled. We promise to deliver fuel to your site promptly to minimize downtime.

Excellent Customer Service Fuel @ Site is a local service which delivers fuel directly into your equipment at your work site. This service is brought to you by the friendly team at Fuel @ Site, which prides itself on great local customer service.

Savings Fuel is often one of the biggest expenses for a business. With Fuel @ Site, you will no longer incur the costs of bulk fuel storage. You pay only for the fuel you use and eliminate costs of holding fuel stock. You do not need your staff to be available to refuel so you can better utilize your resources.

Safety and Environment Fuel leaks, spills or contamination can be extremely costly for any company storing fuel at your work site. You no longer have responsibility for this when you use Fuel @ Site. It is safer for your people as they do not need to have any direct contact with the fuel, which means your environmental liability is reduced. Waste associated with leakage and contamination is eliminated.